How To Improve You Loan Officer Website

How To Improve Your Loan Officer Website

Your website can do a lot for you regardless of what industry you are in. It is a place for potential clients to learn more about you as well as your business. It is also a place for your existing clients to find any information they may need. Your website is your online presence – it acts as a face for your company for those who are searching the web for a loan officer. Your loan officer website should be a modern, informative, and visually appealing place for people to visit when they need more information regarding their mortgage, their loan officer, and more.

It can be easy to throw a website together quickly and call it a day, but there are some things you should look into adding to your website if you are trying to improve its appeal or quality. It is important to remember that your competitors are likely to have websites. If you do not offer a website, or you do throw a quick one together but don’t put too much effort into it, the leads who are searching for mortgage brokers in your area are probably going to your competitors. These are also things you should add if you are looking to be more professional, credible, and drive traffic to your website when someone searches for a loan officer on the internet.

Give your audience easy access to important and educational information

One thing you should do on your website, especially in the mortgage business, is give your audience access to some informative and educational content. You are versed in the vocabulary, jargon, and information regarding the mortgage world. Your consumers, however, may not be. Break down some of the key pieces of information regarding what your business provides or what it is about. You can create different pages that explain different bits of your industry complete with definitions or examples. 

If videos are not already a piece of your marketing strategy, implementing them on your website is a good place to start. You can use videos for so many different reasons. You can create an introduction video that is featured on your home page. Introduce yourself, your team, and your office. People love to know that they are (or they will be) working with a real person, just like them. So, let them get to know you – if they are a prospect, this will help them relate to you and even trust you more, even if you’re just speaking to them through the screen. Alternatively, you can create explainer videos for your audience to help walk them through the process of working with a loan officer.

Create blog posts to provide more information and build credibility

Another way to get information to your potential clients as well as your existing clients is to create blog posts and attach them to your website. On your loan officer website, you should be offering blogs and articles that are relevant to your audience. You might have a great blog idea about the top ten places to visit in the world, but your mortgage website is not going to be the best place to post this. You should be looking into creating blogs that explain a how-to process or best practices. If there are any big changes in your industry or your business, that would be a blog worth writing and posting on your website, as well. 

Another aspect you can add to your blogs would be images and videos. Images in big, content heavy articles are a great way to keep your reader moving their eyes down the page. Break up your paragraphs by adding some type of visual content to keep your reader intrigued and interested. Images or videos also help you stay true to your brand and express your passion for the mortgage industry, and even help express your personality. 

While blogs do allow you to get information into the hands of people who are searching for it, they also boost your credibility. If you are posting blogs to your website about relevant topics, you are becoming a trusted source in the eyes of your readers. It shows your audience that you aren’t just interested in taking their money, but also that you care about broadening their knowledge within your industry.

Generate leads on your website by utilizing forms

Of course you want your website to be a way to help you gain leads. While using a mortgage lead website is a way to generate leads, you can also generate them on your own. To do this, simply add a form to your website. If someone is searching for a loan officer in their area by conducting an internet search and they end up on your website, make it easy for them to get in contact with you. By putting a ‘contact us’ form on your website, you are eliminating an extra step. It is a given to have your contact information on your website at all times, but do you really want to trust the reader to find that information and call you? Wouldn’t it be easiest to give them a place to enter their information so you can call them as soon as you receive it? 

Need Help Building Your Loan Officer Website?

If you are looking for help building your website our team here at S3 can help. Whether you are building your first website or simply think it’s time to upgrade we are here to assist you. Let us focus on building you an amazing website so you can focus on what you do best … close loans!

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